Tuesday, June 18, 2013


On Wednesday 12 June Mrs Tate's sister came to our assembly and sang a couple of songs for us. She had a bright red funky wig a checkered dress and bright red tights. This wasn't just any lady she gets paid to sing and sung at a festival on Saturday. We all enjoyed her performance and are grateful she could make it.

By Hannah Gooch

College Sport!

On Wednesday 5th June, Kakapo and some of Toroa syndicate went up to Tawa College and we had our first lesson of College Sport! First everyone got divided into ten groups, each group was given a year 13 student to teach/coach us, Then we were told what sport each group would be doing over the 5 week period.
My group is doing gymnastics. The other options included basketball,  netball, rugby (touch) and soccer. It has been really fun so far and i'm looking forward to next week! :)

By Nicole.

Cross Country 2013

Cross country, on Wednesday the whole school took part in the mighty "Cross Country". All the classes trained hard everyday. The start off timings were spread apart, every ten minutes a new year group left.

The winners were:
Year 7 girls: Sereana from Room 10
Year 7 boys: Will from Room 17
Year 8 girls: Melissa from Room 8
Year 8 boys: Toby from Room 17.

After "Cross country" finished, the scores were tallied up and from first place on the points board we were the fifteenth class on the leader board  for "Cross Country"

By Brogyn.
Room 12.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kahurangi Performence

On Friday the 31st of May a group from Hastings called Kahurangi
came to perform for our school. There were six of them performing
different kinds of dancing and stories from polyneisian places.
They peformed types of dancing from Rarotonga, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti
and the might Aotearoa. It was fun and funny.
My favourite performence was the one from Aotearoa because they
included students from our and also Mr Savell, which made it
even more funny.It was a great performence and I'm sure everyone liked it.

By Sione.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cross country

On Wednesday the 29th of May, Tawa Intermediate had cross country. After morning tea, we all went down to the hall and waited for our next instruction. Mr O'c had explained everything and told us what was going to happen, we waited for our year group to be called.

First it was the year seven girls, followed by the year seven boys. Once they had set off on their race, it was time for the year eight girls to warm up on the courts. We had a little time to warm up then the hooter went off. We all started running, in hope of coming in with a great score. We just kept running and running and hoped we'd see the finish line soon.

By Vanessa.

Stage Challenge

On the 30th of May the year 8's were lucky enough to be invited up to Tawa College to watch their rehearsal of the stage challenge performance.The performance was amazing , we were so privileged to be able to see it.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kia ora all and welcome to Room 12's Blog!

2013 is going to be a great year! We are off to an amazing start - we really wanted to win the Fun Run competition and we did! We have our first trophy and we are looking forward to all the other cool inter-class tournaments that will be happening this year!